Salt Therapy Benefits

There’s hardly a more effective and natural remedy than PSYMPHONY™, the Original Himalayan Crystal Salt®, in combination with good quality water, to stimulate our body’s innate regulatory abilities and restore energy balance.

The benefits of salt when used for salt therapy preparations have been recognized and prescribed throughout recorded history by physicians and therapists alike. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, prescribed saltwater inhalation therapy for bronchial and lung disorders.

Unquestionably, there are profound benefits realized from daily use of Original Himalayan Crystal Salt, or OHCS, especially when taken as a supplement, as ionized minerals in a solution known as sole.

  1. Water content regulation within the body
  2. Harmonize the alkaline/acidity balance in the body
  3. Normalize blood pressure
  4. Dissolve and eliminate sediments which lead to stones and various forms of rheumatism like arthritis and kidney and gall bladder stones
  5. Lower the craving for addictive desires
  6. Help with skin diseases by cleaning from inside out
  7. Balances the amount of water held outside of your cells
  8. Helps relieve asthma
  9. Helps reduce anti-stress elements in the body
  10. Extracts excess acidity from inside your cells
  11. Helps the kidneys to pass excess acidity into the urine
  12. Helps treat emotional disorders
  13. Helps preserve serotonin and melatonin, known anti-depressant neurotransmitters
  14. Vital to the prevention and treatment of cancer
  15. Maintain muscle tone and strength
  16. Can improve lung functions