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The Original Himalayan
Crystal Salt®

You may already know our exclusive brand of salt as the Original Himalayan Crystal Salt®, as featured in the book Water & Salt - The Essence of Life. After years of success we are expanding the brand family to better reflect the qualities and philosophy of the brand. Look for The Original ® trademark as your guarantee that you are getting the highest quality, value, and benefits available.

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The Original® Himalayan Crystal Salt®
is more than salt, it’s a way of life -- or more precisely, a way of approaching aspects of living your life well. Within nature, the elements of harmony and balance abound. It’s our option to be within them, or without them. We believe that by taking simple steps to resonate with the way your body, mind, and spirit were designed to work, you reap huge benefits. Whether you are interested in our Original Himalayan Crystal Salt® or any of the other fine products we carefully select for The Original® brand, The Original® makes it easy to make choices that help you live a life in tune with nature’s balance. With The Original®, your body, mind, and spirit soar! We want your world to harmonize on every level, to Harmonize Completely.

Sodium has gotten a bad rap. Like most things our body needs to survive, too much, or the wrong kind, can be problematic. The Original Himalayan Crystal Salt®, is healthy, ancient, different, and pure. Whether you choose it for its gourmet taste, health, or deeper esoteric reasons, you get nothing but the finest salt product the world has produced.

pH Balancing – Alkalizing
Pure – Comes from a pristine ecosystem of some 300 millions years ago
Positive Potential – The ability to effect positive change in all metabolic functions of the body, bringing the body into harmony
Premium – Comes from an exclusive source, known to be of highest quality
Precious – No other salt like it
Physical Health – Really? Yes, really
Proven – The only salt to have even undergone clinical study

The Original® salt tastes, looks, feels, cooks, and interacts with your body differently than any other salt. The Original® salt is a truly a salt that is good for you -- and in so many ways, a salt for the senses!


  • Has the World's Highest Elemental Content With 84 Of The Nutritional Elements We Need - Use For: Rejuvenating Bathing, Replenishing the Skin, Drinking Therapy, Flavoring Food
  • Is Pure, Unpolluted, Without Environmental Impact - From a Time When the Earth Was Pristine
  • Contains No Impurities From Environmental Pollution
  • Possesses Potentially High Inherent Stored Information From 250,000,000 Years Ago � Original Himalayan Crystal Salt® is Primarily a Storage Medium. This Special Salt is Waiting for the Moment to Have its Inherent, Stored Energy, its Bio-Energetic Content Set Free by Combining it With Water
  • Is Stone Ground, Hand Washed, and Prepared - 100% Genuine Crystal Salt

Look for The Original® products at select retailers, or order from us directly as you have for many years.

Other salt products sold under the name of Himalayan Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Pink Salt, Pink Himalayan, True Himalayan Salt, or any other brand names, not bearing this seal of originality, are not the authentic salt researched and documented in the Water & Salt - The Essence of Life book.

Original Himalayan Crystal Salt® is both a healthy salt and a delicious salt. All the Original Himalayan Crystal Salt® products we provide are from the same source, the quality of which has been documented in the book, Water and Salt, whether they be Bath Crystal Salt, Fine granulated, Course granulated crystal salts used for food preparation and seasoning, or Crystal Salt Stones for making Sole.